We’ve just launched a new intelligent colour system called Vish that measure every Gram of colour used on your hair. Now we are able to customise pricing for every client.

If the standard amount of colour is used in a service, pricing will not change, if you require more colour than that, we can now calculate an extra cost for that. So if we need to use extra colour the additional amount will be added to your bill.

Rest assured we have full transparency when extra colour will be required and will let you know accordingly. The good news is that by customising our pricing we are able to offer fair pricing to all of our customers. 

Our ultimate goal is to be able to reduce the amount of product we waste, saving you money and protecting our environment.

What causes fluctuation in our prices?

The main things that will factor into needing additional colour are:

  • How long its been since we’ve seen you last
  • How long and thick your hair is
  • What you’d like to achieve with your colour today

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